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We are saddened and overcome with grief, bitterness, and despair at their sufferings.

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Gradually, we Assyrians have realized that there have been many instances in our history of massacres and persecutions which equaled or surpassed Simel in importance.We must develop the 7th of August into a Memorial Day for all of these martyrs, so that we can bring the children of this nation together as a single entity to commemorate these people and events.To this end, we have brought together in this booklet as many accounts of the persecutions and martyrdoms of our people as we could find.It is necessary for us to turn away from a passive commemoration of our dead to an active celebration of their triumphs.In the light of their sacrifices, we must make a firm commitment to understanding, developing, and preserving the cultural and national values for which our martyrs gave their lives.

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